Gilda Haber, PhD

Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

Curriculum Vitae
Manuscripts Completed
Public Speaking
Curriculum Vitae 

Gilda M. Haber, Ph.D.
11226 Bybee Street
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

Highlights of Qualifications

A results-oriented self-starter with highly developed English communication, research, administrative, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Coordinate programs with European and Middle Eastern organizations. Chaired and contributed to Internationally authored book. Strong skills in research design, questionnaire construction, interviewing, coding, data entry, test scoring and analysis of data, verbal reporting to professional and lay audiences, public speaking, T.V. appearances and publishing findings in scholarly and general publications. Knowledge of group dynamics fluent English and French, everyday Hebrew; a little Spanish, German and Arabic.

International and Public Speaking Experience

  • Interviewed and liaisoned with officials in ten countries for The National Institute of Standards Technology and The Council on Tall Buildings (affiliated with the United Nations and the National Science Foundation).
  • Contacted and visited officials in hospitals, mental institutions, the military and para-military organizations in Europe and the Middle East. (See publications)
  • Developed contacts and appointments abroad often with intelligence/security personnel. ·Interviewed and shared American research with countries around the world ·Visited the following countries for National Institute of Standards and Technology: England, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt
  • Presented papers to officials at many international conferences on behalf of University of Maryland, UDC, UMBC and for NIST. Assisted Israeli and other nationality doctoral candidates with their theses.
  • Teach ESOL, English as a second language and American Civics to diverse adult immigrant students from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Israel, Palestinian Territories, and Asian countries.
  • Help foreign students with family, social and education problems using French, Spanish, Hebrew and understanding of the European and American educational system (British-born; American Citizenship).
  • Teach immigrant adult American Life Skills such as how to access the bank, help their children, access stores, medical help, applying for a job, testing, the voting system, and mapping educational goals besides English conversation, grammar, reading, writing and pronunciation. Expert in teaching diverse students English speech, writing compositions and theses.


Educational Experience

  • Taught sociology, anthropology, social psychology, family, ethnic relations, gender, and organizational behavior in businesses in schools and universities for many years. Taught for the Fashion Institute of Technology, Brooklyn College and Maryland University.
  • Taught applied research methods, taught and directed Lorton Prison students to administer the POI Test on residents.
  • Studied intergroup, diverse student spatial seat position in college (and ESOL) classrooms as correlated with minority group status, relationship with authority and peers, identification with the group and other variables.
  • Taught in diverse organizations including: Jewish, Catholic, all-African-American and black colleges, ESOL adults and in the Lorton Prison and Montgomery County Detention Center College Programs.
  • Currently on faculty of Montgomery College: Teaching EN101/A, Writing Composition, 102 (Argument and Debate), 201 (Comparative World Literature) EN217 Holocaust Literature, EN107 Vocabulary and EN109 Business Writing.
  • Adjunct Faculty UMUC 

Please see publications.

Research Experience

Survey Experience

  • Worked on and wrote results for the Oneonta Health Survey, a mass-mailed questionnaire on Health.
  • A national survey for the American Cancer Society. ·Worked on survey of New York demography and drug addiction for the Research Center for Human Relations.
  • N.Y.U. Manpower Study for UDC and the Department of Labor to aid inner city youth obtain jobs.
  • Participated in Census Data collection.
  • Studied ESOL surveys on national education achievements, by state and ethnicity, of immigrants enrolled in ESOL.
  • Designed and carried out statistical study of ESOL attendance and test scores.


Research Design Implementation

  • Designed and carried out research on seating position in the adult Classroom correlated with minority group status, attitude to authority, peers and the task, deviance, conformity and grades. Please see publications
  • Research comparing differences between Lorton Prison residents in the UDC College Program and non-college residents.
  • Designed questionnaire, applied POI (Personal Orientation Inventory) and trained prison residents in the college program to administer the POI to other residents.
  • Presented findings in meetings and published results. Arranged for an Interviewed top fire personnel in France, Canada, Israel, Egypt for NIST. Interviewed Israeli Bedouin Chiefs on cultural changes among Bedouin in Israel.
  • Columbia University: Participated in team experimental research on group versus individual solutions to problems for the Air Force, Research Center.  Please see publications.
  • Designed and conducted experimental research on invasion of territory and defense by dominants (WASPS) and minorities.
  • Designed and conducted experimental research to compare spatial proximity tolerance from others among schizophrenics and office personnel as a possible measure of emotional disturbance.
  • Current Research: Framing research design on profiling terrorists by spatial behavior in groups.

Report and Writing Sklls

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to present to diverse audiences, small or large audiences in America and abroad.
  • Discuss social issues and business enterprises on television.
  • Interviewed by Arch Campbell of Channel Four, NBC, and appeared on T.V. Channel 9 and Channel 51.
  • Participated in Focus Groups with Shugal Research.
  • Presented many papers to scholarly, government and other national and international conferences in America and abroad. (List of papers supplied on request).
  • Attended, participated in, and led writers' workshops at the Writer's Center, Washington Independent Writers, The Biography Group, Wordsmiths (Chair), Mensa Writers' Group (Chair) and organized a two-generation Holocaust Panel at Montgomery College. See publications.


  • Fluent English, read, write and speak fluently.  British Born
  • Fluent French, read, write and speak fluently.
  • Everyday Hebrew conversation, reading and writing.
  • Little Spanish and German and Arabic.
  • Latin education (London University Distinction) enables understanding of written Romance languages i.e. Spanish.
  • Currently learning Arabic. Ongoing.


Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Word
  • Wordperfect 5.1
  • Fastpack Data Base for large mailings, Excel
  • Banner
  • Maintain own business website.
  • Teaching online courses using Moodle and WebCT.
  • WebTycho online teaching suite.

Training and Committee Experience

  • Trained nurses to observe patient behavior regarding arson and best methods of evacuation of patients during fire emergency; correctional inmates to apply the POI test and to interview other inmates; students to observe and record seat position over time in the college classroom, to administer and code questionnaires, conduct experimental invasion studies.
  • Committees: Tall Buildings Committee #16, Holocaust , Journals Committee and many others.

Memberships: Mensa, Washington Biographers Group, Wordsmith Writer’s (Chair), Holocaust Museum, Smithsonian, Environmental Societies, Young Israel Shomrai Emunah, Toastmasters International, The Writers Guild.


  • Ph.D. Sociology, Social Psychology, N.Y.U.
  • M.A. Sociology, Social Psychology, Columbia University;
  • London University Latin, English, French, Hebrew, currently studying Arabic 102.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science: Sociology, Social Psychology.
  • Many ESOL, Writer's Center, Montgomery College Workshops in teaching diversity, assessment; training students for, and scoring ESOL tests; training in fiction, creative non-fiction, scholarly and research articles, statistics, critical reading, memoir, computer courses.
  • Many scholarships and awards for excellence in study and in teaching.