Gilda Haber, PhD

Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

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Gilda Moss Haber, PhD
11226 Bybee Street
Silver Spring, Md. 20902

Selected Publications

Published Books: Building Design for Handicapped and Elderly Persons, 1999;
Cockney Girl, 2012 JDBPublishing UK 2012

Contributor on "Sumptuary Law, "Laws permitting, forbidding or forcing clothing on women, lower ranks and Minorities," Women in Clothes, Penguin, 2014.

Social Psychology Research

___ "Territorial Invasion in the Classroom," Environment and Behavior, 12.1 (1980). 17-32.

___ "Spatial Relations of Dominants and Minorities in the College Classroom." Social Psychology Quarterly (1982). Reported in Psychology Today (1984), College Press Service (March 22, 1984), Mademoiselle (June 1984).

___ "The Realization of Potential by Lorton D.C. Inmates with College Education Compared with Inmates Without College Education." Journal of Offender Counseling 7.3/4 (1983). 37-56;

Reprinted in Ed. Sol Chanales. Current Trends in Correctional Education, Theory and Practice. New York: Hawthorn Press, 1983.

___ "The Get: A Study of Jewish Divorce in the U.S." B'nai Brith International Jewish Monthly (Mar. 1987)

___ "Messengers: How the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Informs Next of Kin of Casualties." B'nai Brith International Jewish Monthly (May 1987)

___ "Chaos and Harmony: A Religious Artist Interprets Mystical Ideas," New York Jewish Press, July 1, l994.

___ "Finding Harmony in Music," Washington Jewish Week, October 24, 1996.

___ "Traveling Israel by Train," Washington Jewish Week, November 7, 1996

___ "A Visit to Anne Frank's City," Washington Jewish Week, October 30, 1997.

___ "Enchantment by the Sea: Old Jaffa," Washington Jewish Week, March 19, 1998.

Proxemics: Haber, Gilda M. "Spatial Behavior in Small Groups: Seating Position in the College Classroom and Minority Group Status." PhD Dissertation. New York University.

___ "The Impact of Tall Buildings on Users and Neighbors." American Institute of Architects and The Joint Committee of the National Science Foundation on Tall Buildings: Chair: Sociology Section 1: 1975.

___ "The Impact of Tall Buildings on Users and Neighbors." Human Response to Tall Buildings. Ed. Donald J. Conway. Stroudsburg, Pa.: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, 1977. 45-57.

___ "Human Behavior in Fire in Total (24 hour) Institutions," Fire and Human Behavior. Ed. David Cantor. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1980. Chapter 9.

___ Human Behavior in Fire Depending on Type of Occupancy: A Home for the Aged, a Prison and a Night Club. Washington: National Bureau of Standards, l980.

___ "Use of Tall Buildings by the Aged and Handicapped," Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Council on Tall Buildings, l985.

___ "Response to Living in Buildings Designed for Handicapped and Elderly Persons." Building Design for Handicapped and Aged Persons. Haber, Gilda and Thomas Blank, editors. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1992.

___ "What Seniors Should Look for in Housing." Montgomery County Senior Beacon 2004

Publications on Education

Haber, G. "Territoriality and the Disruptive Student," Focus on Faculty, Montgomery College, 2007.

"Organizing Peer Group Review," Focus on Faculty, Montgomery College, 2008

"Learning from Writers' Conferences," Montgomery College, 2008

"The Benefits of Peer Review," ESOL TEACHERS' Society, Jerusalem. 2009

"Teaching English to Bedouin Students" ETNI January 2009

"Benefits of Inviting Speakers to College Classrooms," Montgomery College, 2011

"Benefits of Free Writing in EN101, Evening Newsletter, Montgomery College, 2012

Many publications in creative nonfiction: 2000-2015

"Mourning Becomes Electra," "Man in the Mink Hat," "Tea with the Editor," "Cable Street Battle," in Persimmon, Iowa Review etc.

Completed: Jerusalem Affair, Diary of a Mad Hatter (parts published), Showing Up, Thirty Days in a Home for the Dis jointed, Letting your Hair Down.

Public Presentations since 2006

(Thirty Earlier Presentations on spatial behavior, sumptuary law, caste in bureaucracy and on slavery are not listed)

"Fifty Years Later: Six Parent-Child Holocaust Survivors discuss their feelings on the last fifty years." Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland 2006. Reported in The Advocate, student newspaper.*

"Teaching the Literature of Foreign Countries in native language Using Foreign Students as Presenters." Montgomery College, Rockville, Spring 2006*

" Keeping Journals and Diaries." G. Haber Panelist, Montgomery College, 2007.

"Childhood During Wartime England," Great Chesterford, England, May 2007*

"Cockney Girl" British Evacuees' in Wartime England, Hadassah, D.C. Jan. 2008*

"The Sound of Literature in Foreign Languages," Literary Society, Montgomery College, 2008*

"Spatial Position in the College Classroom and its Significance," Hebrew University, January, 2009*

"The Benefits of Peer Review," ESOL TEACHERS' Society, Israel, Jan. 2009*

"Birth Order and Personality," Shomrei Emunah Singles, Fall, 2009*

"Cockney Girl" British Evacuees Wartime England. Benai JacobShaare Zion, Baltimore, Oct. 2010*

"Cockney Girl" To the Boy Scout Troop of America, December 2010*

"Cockney Girl," to Lutheran Seniors, June 2012*

"Cockney Girl" to Young Israel Shomrai Emunah, August 2012


Fluent English and French, street Hebrew; little Arabic, German, Spanish, Yiddish.