Gilda Haber, PhD

Montgomery College, Rockville, MD

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Cockney Girl catapults us into the zeitgeist of a second-generation British-Jewish girl, World War II: prewar-Fascist London, wartime evacuation, and postwar London traumas.
The following chapters, among others, of Cockney Girl have been published as stories or articles:


Diary of a Mad Hatter Two stories from this completed manuscript of short stories have been published: Mourning Becomes Electra and Man in the Mink Hat.
Showing Up: a Reluctant mother with a secret agenda shows up in Israel to help her middle daughter expecting her third child any day. Mother hates mountains and small children, is agoraphobic and claustrophobic. How mother and temperamental artist daughter deal with personal and cultural conflicts, with birth of the third girl and mother ends up loving the three tots.